Environment and Earth Sciences

Department of Geography

Department of Geography bifurcated from the erstwhile Department of Geography and Geology at the Central University of Punjab to be newly established Department in July, 2019 under the School of Environment and Earth Sciences.
The Department of Geography has both Masters’ and Ph.D. programme covering diverse field of geographical aptitude and research. Some of its key features include; Applied Geomorphology, Glaciology, Climate Change & Paleo-environmental Science, Natural Hazard & Disaster, Urban and regional planning, Advanced Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System (GIS), Geo-Intelligence and Big Data (Machine learning and deep learning). In addition, the department has integrated with the cloud computing, 3D cartography, advanced geo-visualization, Very High Resolution (VHR) imaging/UAV and interferometry remote sensing technology that will strengthen and extend the domain of geography into virtual and cutting-edge spatial science to understand, model and visualizes spatial function and pattern in 2D and 3D platforms. The department adopt the latest pedagogy practices by incorporating cloud-based platform, realistic animation, PowerPoint presentation and group interactive sessions.
Geography in Central University of Punjab, is taught as an integrated science which includes social science, natural science and engineering science. The Science of Where, When and How?Makes it imperative to develop the bridge within the scientific community and professional geographer across the world. This multi-disciplinary approach of the curriculum makes Geographical knowledge applied and professional that contributed to equipping students & research scholars for their future endeavours and focus on systematic approach rather than conventional.
The department has been awarded with scientific research projects funded by ICSSR IMPRESS, Research Seed Money. The thrust area of the department are Urban and Regional Planning, Applied Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, Geo-intelligence and big data, Landscape ecology and land use planning, Applied Geomorphology, Glaciology & Geomorphic systems in high mountain areas, Geochronology and Paleo-environmental science, Climatology and Climate Change science, Geo-hazards, Disaster mitigation and risk reduction, Land degradation and natural resource management, Hydrology and watershed management, Social and Health Geography.


  1. Dr. Kiran K. Singh , Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. L.T. Sasang Guite, Assistant Professor & In-charge
  3. Dr. Pritam Chand, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. ir. Sk. Mustak, Assistant Professor

Course offered

  1. M.A. Geography
  2. M.Sc. Geography
  3. Ph.D. Geography