School of Information and Communicative Sciences

Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies

The centre is established in 2017 in the University with an aim of preparing students to work in different fields of Mass Communication. To fulfil this aim, the Centre has designed the curriculum in such in a way that whatever students learn in theory, they put it to practice in the Centre. The curriculum of the Centre is trying to introduce to students every field of Mass Communication including Advertising, Public Relations, Media Management, Media Law and Ethics, Inter-cultural Communication, International Communication and New Media. The Centre familiarises its students with every type of medium and analyse and interpret media messages in different circumstances.  
The centre tries to be in tune with fast-changing media environment and introduce changes in the syllabi of the course offered by the Centre. The Centre also tries to inculcate the habit of thinking in students which is very basic to concept of any kind of Communication and Research, and motivates students further to apply thinking to other concerns of Media situations.

To promote inter-disciplinary approach, the Centre under Choice Based Credit System encourages its students to study other subjects which interest them along with Communication.


  1. Prof. Vinod Kumar Garg Dean
  2. Dr. Chhavi Garg, Assistant Professor & In Charge
  3. Dr. Rubal Kanozia, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Paramveer Singh, Assistant Professor

Course Offered:

M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication)  


  1. MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) Session 2017-2019


Central University of Punjab Department of Mass Communication organised an Interactive Session on “Career Opportunities in BBC India”

Students of MAJMC 3rd Semester along with their teachers visited AIR , Bathinda to learn the programming skills of radio, radio presentation etc