Placement Cell

The Placement Cell of the university has been established in the university with an aim of facilitating interactions between the industries, companies and students who are in the final year of their course. Students being placed in credible organizations, getting an appropriate job in sync with their intellectual aptitude is the purpose of the placement cell.
To provide excellent facilities for learning combined with a rewarding career is the motto of the institution. The students are provided with the best research facilities and the lab infrastructure for the execution of their innovative ideas. Helping them to execute it, the dedicated faculty of the institute helps them in comprehending the labyrinths of scientific world.  The faculty of the institute have published an impressive number of research papers in several peer reviewed national and international journals in diverse areas of science, engineering and humanities, have a number of projects and grants from the leading funding agencies and have awards and honours to their merit.
The students are counseled throughout, during their stay in the university regarding their career options, which in turn prepare and equip the young aspirants to explore the best avenues of opportunities.

The mission of the placement cell is to hone the skills and acumen of the students to broaden their employability scope.

Objectives of the Placement Cell

  • To organize campus recruitment for the students with industries and companies of repute both nationally and internationally.
  • To prepare students for campus recruitment by training them in aptitude tests, group discussions, personality development, interviews, etc. For this purpose Communication and Soft Skills Development Classes are also held in the university.
  • To promote career counseling by organizing guest lectures and orientation programmes. For this purpose experts and dignitaries in various fields of study related to their study are invited for the benefit of the students.
  • Organising a multitude of competitions and encouraging students to participate in club activities like innovators club which bring out the latent innovate spark in them and leads to innovative student–led projects.
  • Creating awareness among students regarding available career options and updating them of various new opportunities emerging in their fields.

To coordinate various placement activities, Placement Coordination Cell and Placement Cells with representatives from all the centres have been constituted.  The constitution is as under: 

Placement Coordination Cell

  • Prof. Dr. A.K.Jain, Dean Engineering & Technology (Placement Cell Coordinator)
  • Dr. Anjana Munshi, Associate Professor, COC for Human Genetics
  • Mrs. Shweta Arora, Deputy Registrar
  • Mr.Rajender Kumar, Assistant Registrar

Placement Cell - Sciences:

  • Prof. R.C.Sharma, School for Environment and Earth Sciences- Chairman
  • Dr. Pankaj Bhardawaj, Assistant Professor, Centre for Biosciences
  • Dr. Yogalakshmi K.N., Assistant Professor, Centre for EVST
  • Dr. Sandeep Singh, Assistant Professor, Centre for GDMM
  • Dr. Preeti Khetarpal, Assistant Professor, Centre for Human Genetics
  • Dr. Achcche Lal Sharma, Assistant Professor, Centre for Physical& Mathematical Sciences

Placement Cell - Engineering and Technology:

  • Prof. Dr. A.K.Jain, Dean Engineering & Technology - Chairman
  • Er. Meenakshi, Assistant Professor, Centre for Computer Science & Technology
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar, Assistant Professor, Centre for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Placement Cell - Humanities:

  • Dr. Zameerpal Kaur, Associate Professor, Centre for Comparative Literature- Chairperson
  • Dr. Kiran K. Singh, Assistant Professor, Centre for South & Central Asian Studies
  • Dr. Deepak Kumar, Assistant Professor, Centre for Environmental Law